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Come to know the
incredible history
of the Kill Bill sanctuary church

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You can enjoy desert adventure and explore
famous movie shooting locations

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It’s know the amazing productions that it looking in the famous church the Kill Bill!!

Let yourself be surprised and enjoy a tour in the Kill Bill Church a place full of
history and filming stories

The Kill Bill Church is known mostly by its English name, which is The Kill Bill Church. In the Kill Bill Church tour, you will enjoy an adventure in the desert, you can explore famous places from movie shooting scenes, as its name indicates, you can visit the well-known “Kill Bill Church” where the massacre of the wedding, one of the most recognized scenes of this famous film. You will be fascinated by this tour in Lancaster, you will know desolate and very remote stretches of desert roads.

Our facility is in use by an actual congregation that serves the local community, therefore, we have the responsibility to uphold our standing with the community.
The Church

California is a state of beautiful landscapes, emblematic spaces with special characteristics for the entertainment industry.

Requests for the use of our facility for film, television, still photography, commercials, weddings, and music videos are based on, a first come-first serve basis, and are subject to availability.